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Our local roots run deep

In 1958, Jim Brink saw an opportunity and purchased a small, 4-unit apartment complex on Tuscaloosa Street in downtown Florence, AL. He and his family lived in one apartment while he rented out the other three. This was the beginning of what would become Brink Apartments.

Jim’s son Tony followed in his father’s footsteps, learning every aspect of the business. Since Tony had a passion for building, he grew the business by constructing numerous new apartment complexes throughout the Shoals, helping it to become what it is today.

Jim and Tony both realized what was important to an apartment renter… Building and maintaining a quality apartment at a reasonable price, providing honest service and dependable upkeep as a landlord.


Today, Tony’s sons Jamie, Chris and Wes are honored to continue the legacy that their grandfather and father created. They take pride in being the third generation to own and manage their family’s business.

Brink Apartments now owns close to 600 one and two-bedroom apartment units, duplexes and rental homes in over 20 different locations. In addition, the brothers still build and sell homes in the Shoals area.

Plus, Brink Apartments continues their commitment to providing tenants with a well-kept desirable living experience… Making your apartment feel like home!

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